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A white mist rose among the grey mountains. All the trees were wrapped in shreds of clouds that covered the valley and ascended towards higher spheres. The air was moist and scented with the smell of rain.

The clouds continued to rise, and the shreds appeared like silver waves on a stormy sea. The weather was grey. The clouds moved with the invisible currents of the mountainous streams of wind.

From this cloudy sea in the sky, a green-scaled body broke like a large fish through this grey surface. But this was no marine creature, but a royal dragon of the mountain. His head, with two yellow eyes, gleaming like fire, and two long horns rising above his eyes, appeared first. The head was followed by a long neck shimmering wet. A ripple went through the sea of clouds and two large bright green wings emerged, followed by a strong body, with spikes on its back and a long whipping tail. The green dragon circled above the mist. He had been in the valley below, scanning the rainy landscape for prey.

The dragon rose higher. The ends of his wings and the tail end whipped through the shreds of clouds. For a second, the grey shapes held on to the dragon and were then pushed away by the force of the dragon’s wings.

Beneath him was the dark green forest, all life hiding in its shadows, knowing the dragon was hungry. His yellow eyes scanned the forest. Fiery yellow they gleamed in his head like a candle’s flame. But the forest stood quiet beneath him.

The dragon ascended further into the sky, breaking through another layer of clouds, and was now flying above the weather. On the left and right stood the white peaks of the mountains. There was only him and the stone rocks. Above him was a blue sky and a golden sun, shining upon the glimmering snow. He was king, and everything beneath him was his realm.

With another stroke of his green shining-wings, he propelled himself upwards, his scales glittering like smaragds and diamonds as he glided over the white and blue glacier of the mountain below. Shapes of waves and curls were within the eternal ice, quietly crackling as the golden sunrays touched its surface. Icy blue and steaming white, like a frozen tidal wave, the glacier rolled over the mountain so slowly, so quietly, that even the sharp eyes of the dragon could not make out its movement.

Twice, the green dragon circled over the shimmering surface of the glacier. The fire creature’s shadow flew over the eternal landscape of ice and earth. No one witnessed the beauty of this scene, for the dragon was alone among the mountain tops. The green beast folded his wings to his body, and like a snake, he plunged down, back into the clouds, hoping to catch prey in the grey valley beyond.

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