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  • Fabian Sindelar

    29. August 2019 von

    In the end we all become stories Margaret Atwood In my new blog I want to share meaningful stories about our world, a fantastic place full of wonder and tell you stories that matter most to me. We all have a voice in this world and I choose mine to be shared on here. Since I was little I have been reading and writing a lot, seen the world from different perspectives when I lived in Cambridge for half a year when I was sixteen years old or studied for three years at the University of York in England, where… Weiterlesen

  • The Light coming through the open Window

    16. Oktober 2020 von

    I sit up in bed, look at the open window with the white frames and dark curtains. The sunlight is slowly crawling in and defeating the comfort of the night we spent together. I can hear people walking along the busy street in the city centre of Vienna. They are going to work, running errands or brining their children to school. I am here with him in bed again, thinking, time stood still. But the more noises I hear coming from the street I feel like I should join them. To resume my life outside this bed, outside, where it… Weiterlesen

  • Sleeping Dragons

    23. September 2020 von

    A long time ago, there existed a wild world filled with wonders and magic. There is no one left who could tell about this long-forgotten time and this long-lost world. In this fantastic place there lived four giant dragons who ruled over all the wild beasts. Within the forests lived all sorts of creatures. There were proud golden stags, untamed horses, cats with silver fur and wise owls within the treetops, who knew all the secrets of the stars. In the skies there were terrible and beautiful birds, gold and red feathered ones who knew all the secrets of the… Weiterlesen

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