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  • Fabian Sindelar

    29. August 2019 von

    In the end we all become stories Margaret Atwood In my new blog I want to share meaningful stories about our world, a fantastic place full of wonder and tell you stories that matter most to me. We all have a voice in this world and I choose mine to be shared on here. Since I was little I have been reading and writing a lot, seen the world from different perspectives when I lived in Cambridge for half a year when I was sixteen years old or studied for three years at the University of York in England, where… Weiterlesen

  • A Collaborative Writing Exercise

    22. Januar 2021 von

    Where is Home? Sophie Richter, 26 years old, Austrian: It is not a place for me, I think. It is people who are in my life every day. My mum, my brothers and my dad when I visit them in Klosterneuburg. My boyfriend who lives with me. But it is not my apartment. He makes my apartment my home. Roberta Sindelar, 58 years old, German: Where I have lived for 30 years. Where I have my comfort, my habits, I don’t like to travel a lot. And Germany where my mother and my sister live. That’s home too. Ayesha Wood,… Weiterlesen

  • Books I fell in love with in 2020

    15. Januar 2021 von

    When reality fails and appears hopeless to humans it is essential to create worlds through the arts. It can be music, film, the visual arts and in my opinion the most powerful one, is the written word. In most parts of the world, 2020 was a very difficult and at times tiresome year. For me, due to the multiple lockdowns, it transformed into a year of writing and especially reading. Over Christmas, I sat down and reflected on all the books I read over the year and I picked out twelve I want to recommend to you. As there seems… Weiterlesen

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