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  • Fabian Sindelar

    29. August 2019 von

    In the end we all become stories Margaret Atwood In my new blog I want to share meaningful stories about our world, a fantastic place full of wonder and tell you stories that matter most to me. We all have a voice in this world and I choose mine to be shared on here. Since I was little I have been reading and writing a lot, seen the world from different perspectives when I lived in Cambridge for half a year when I was sixteen years old or studied for three years at the University of York in England, where… Weiterlesen

  • A Sketch: The Sea Serpent

    20. Mai 2022 von

    Something moved in the midnight blue waters of the deep. A long shadow rose in contrast to the absolute blackness below, transcending higher into dark blue spheres. The thickness of the deep, letting hardly any sunlight shimmer through, concealed most of the moving body. The creature broke through the unending waters and reached the twilight sphere, the space in the ocean where it appeared to be almost dark, as if the sun was just setting beyond the sea. Here, all light, when it penetrated the invisible walls of the twilight sphere, shimmered even more brilliantly, and made the world a… Weiterlesen

  • A Sketch: The Phoenix and the Sun

    14. Mai 2022 von

    The dried leaves crackled underneath the phoenix’s golden claws in the heat of the sun. The dark-red bird spread its fiery red wings. They glowed like bright blood as the sunrays shone through the long feathers at the tips of her wings. Her little nest sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking a yellow savannah and a beige desert beyond. There was a single egg inside the nest. With her eyes shimmering like molten gold, the bird of fire looked into the clear blue sky and stared into the shining sun. Just like the mighty dragons, the phoenix was… Weiterlesen

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