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  • Fabian Sindelar

    29. August 2019 von

    In the end we all become stories Margaret Atwood In my new blog I want to share meaningful stories about our world, a fantastic place full of wonder and tell you stories that matter most to me. We all have a voice in this world and I choose mine to be shared on here. Since I was little I have been reading and writing a lot, seen the world from different perspectives when I lived in Cambridge for half a year when I was sixteen years old or studied for three years at the University of York in England, where… Weiterlesen

  • The Fires of Alexandria Part V: The Queen of Babylon

    1. August 2021 von

    This is the fifth and final part of my science fiction adventure. This is an early draft of a second narrative strand not taking place in Alexandria but in Babylon. Both narratives would later come together. The young Queen sighed and took off her golden crown. It was a heavy one, set with rubies, stiff on the head but she had always admired its intricate carvings. The engravings on the gold showed two streams, the river Euphrates and Tigris, and the surrounding plants represented the fruitful kingdom of Mesopotamia. It was her kingdom, her father’s kingdom, her grandmother’s kingdom, a… Weiterlesen

  • The Fires of Alexandria Part IV: A drop in a Tidal Wave

    23. Juli 2021 von

    This is the fourth part of my science fiction story. It takes place moments before part three in a different setting. Professor Julianus sat in a green velvet armchair in the entrance hall of the library of Alexandria. The black and white marble stretched on high up along the walls. One huge sapphire chandelier hovered in the centre, like crystals floating in water. It turned the black marble into midnight blue and the white marble into an icy blue. It reminded him of lightning, as if the white marble was glowing electric on its own. He had preferred the old… Weiterlesen

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