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  • Fabian Sindelar

    29. August 2019 von

    In the end we all become stories Margaret Atwood In my new blog I want to share meaningful stories about our world, a fantastic place full of wonder and tell you stories that matter most to me. We all have a voice in this world and I choose mine to be shared on here. Since I was little I have been reading and writing a lot, seen the world from different perspectives when I lived in Cambridge for half a year when I was sixteen years old or studied for three years at the University of York in England, where… Weiterlesen

  • The Lakemaid and the Wolf, Part III

    19. März 2023 von

    This is the third part of my lakemaid and werewolf saga. If you haven’t read the first two parts yet, simply visit them on my main blog feed: She hoped that when she solved the riddle of the wolves, she could see more of the forest on their way back. But right now, while curiosity grew inside her inner lake, finding out the answers to her questions burned even stronger. What happened to the wolves at the full moon? After a while, the trees grew smaller and thinner. Barameya could make out a great shadow in front of them.… Weiterlesen

  • The Lakemaid and the Wolf, Part II

    27. Februar 2023 von

    Barameya’s interest in the matter began to glow like one of the stones in the moonlight. She had to solve the mystery of the full moon and the wolves. After she had talked to the birds, she flipped her golden fin and returned to the palace of the lakemaids, heading for the great library. The centre of the knowledge keepers was a circular building with shelves of sea plant scrolls and sea kelp books rising towards the ceiling. The last full moon had just been a couple of days ago, so Barameya had plenty of time to read everything about… Weiterlesen

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