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Something moved in the midnight blue waters of the deep. A long shadow rose in contrast to the absolute blackness below, transcending higher into dark blue spheres. The thickness of the deep, letting hardly any sunlight shimmer through, concealed most of the moving body.

The creature broke through the unending waters and reached the twilight sphere, the space in the ocean where it appeared to be almost dark, as if the sun was just setting beyond the sea. Here, all light, when it penetrated the invisible walls of the twilight sphere, shimmered even more brilliantly, and made the world a fairer place.

So it came to pass that, as the sea creature reached this space, the sun’s rays broke through, and the large scales of the animal glittered blue and purple in the weak light. The scales belonged to a long body that continued to move towards higher waters. As more sunlight broke through the currents of ocean streams, the shape and head of the creature became visible.

Its head was similar to the one of a snake but looked more like a dragon’s head as above its magenta eyes, which shimmered like purple waves at sunset, two large horns protruded from its skull. They were dark blue, like the deep sea turned to stone, sculpted into a wave-like form, rising above the large head. It was a sea serpent, an ancient creature of the deep, swimming to the surface to feed on the magic of the sunlight.

In circles, the sea serpent ascended through the twilight sphere, towards a lighter ocean. Its long body continued to rise. Her scales glittered in lighter shades of purple and indigo as she left the twilight sphere behind her and reached the upper levels of the sea. Here, she could already see the surface glittering like a billion floating diamonds.

The sunrays shone through the water like broken shards. They danced upon the scales of the sea serpent, making them shimmer in violet and turquoise shades. The dark blue horns sparkled in the sun, as if starlight was caught within them. Ripples of movement went through the body of the sea serpent and she headed towards the surface. She broke through, drops of water, shining white and gold in the sun, exploded in all directions and sprinkled the blue surface of the ocean.

Foam touched the sea serpent as she enjoyed the direct touch of the warm sunlight on her scales. A body, on which silver waves broke, sparkled in a marine-blue ocean. Her magenta eyes looked into the light blue sky and golden specks of sunlight were caught within her stare. She soaked up all the radiance of the sun above, the source of her life. She made the long journey once a day, rising to the surface, bathing in her light at midday, and then returning to the depths of the sea to sleep in her lair.

Her dark blue horns appeared like two curvy swords shining above the waves. One more time, she looked up and then bent her mighty head forward, diving into the sea again. Her long body followed behind, every scale consuming the warmth of the sunlight until she could feel the tickle of magic inside of her. In circles, she returned to the twilight sphere, her scales shimmering in purple and indigo.

Deeper down she dived and the darker it became, her scales faded into midnight blue and her horns only shimmered black and became one with the darkness of the endless spaces of the sea. And soon the blackness of the sea embraced the body of the mighty sea serpent again, the space of always night. There was only a faint glimmer of magenta to be seen. The eyes of the sea serpent shone with sunlight magic in the deep.

2 comments on “A Sketch: The Sea Serpent

  1. Love this scetch….


  2. Love this scetch….


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