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 Where are the corals, gleaming in all the colours?

Where are the kelp forests, their long leaves moving to the streams of another world?

Where are the dolphins, shimmering silver in the moonlight?

Where are the mermaids, gliding through spaces deeper than night?

Where are the pearls of the ocean, guiding us in the blue like starlight in the dark.

They are gone with salty winds we do not breathe.

So we follow the echoes of corals and dolphins.

We follow the faint colour of kelp.

We follow the voices of mermaids uniting all waves of the ocean as one.

We follow the infinite expanse, all shades of blue, calling us home.

Our hearts begin to beat to the breaking of the waves, gentle currents pull us in.

Moving so strong like the flip of a fin, taking us to coral cities where mermaids swim.

Taking us even farther out, to the realms of endless blue, where we can hear the songs of our inner oceans ringing true.

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