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Intermission of the Autumn Special.

In the misty forest there stands a broken castle.

Its stone corroded, the golden colour of the pillars faded by weather and wind.

Long gone are the days of sunlight and glory.

Long gone is the tower that tickled the clouds in the sky.

Long gone is a kingdom where dragons used to fly.

The ruins are the shadows of things past.

The forest has grown over them like a blanket of green.

But in the heavens, where trees and moss can’t grow, there still flies a single dragon with wings as white as snow.

On a quiet day in winter, one can hear a dragon ascend through the air.

When everything sleeps and the world is frozen, the dragon’s scales shine like crystals fair.

The dragon’s eyes, silver as a river, search for a kingdom that has vanished.

A realm where dragons and mermaids lived in harmony.

A place where fire and water were one.

A space of freedom and prosperity when tomorrow was not lost.

Where now a realm’s beauty is covered in frost.

And the ruins and broken pillars do not remember a wonderful past.

Only the dragon recalls the history of another world.

Only the dragon has the time to linger while everyone else has forgotten.

So, the dragon keeps on searching for a time gone by.

So, the dragon keeps on looking for a past never to return.

A lone dragon in the sky, keeps on searching for a kingdom lost.

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