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Don’t look for me, I have become the night,

I am one too strong to fight.

I am a shadow in the garden,

Guarding every tree, every flower like a warden.

I am the huntress looking for prey,

With my yellow eyes and sharp claws, I am ready to slay.

You know as I knew you,

I am your light, I am one too strong to fight.

I sit by your desk, watching you write,

Patiently waiting, not leaving you out of my sight.

You would always find time for me,

When I needed you and you needed me.

But whenever I had to go, you knew where I would be,

For I am a wild spirit, happiest at night and free.

In the evening, the sun kissing gold, you would come and stroke my fur,

And I would be ready to hunt in the gardens but for now I gladly purr.

Here we said goodbye too,

Only, it wasn’t a goodbye,

It’s what we always do.

You sit by the stairs and happily I join you,

Because we are friends, through and through.

It was like every time, this last time,

We enjoy each other’s company,

And when the sun went down, turned the world grey,

I quietly slipped away.

I joined my sister, I saw her sitting in the shade, just in sight, all bright.

Just know, we will be alright.

So don’t worry, don’t look for me,

I might be out of sight for I have become the night,

But I will always be your light.

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